Meet the Designer of Rock Paper Chic

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Meet the Designer of Rock Paper Chic

Photo Credit: MAK Stills Photography

Kamilah is a Brooklyn, NY native who is obsessed with bright colors and patterns in her personal style and for her jewelry designs. Her creative inspiration comes to her mostly from being outdoors, that is often where she will notice certain color combinations or patterns in nature or on a piece of architecture, or what someone is wearing. Read on to find out more about Kamilah personally and as a designer...

TCBJ: Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

Kamilah: I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and still currently reside here

TCBJ: Describe yourself using 4

Kamilah: Inquisitive. Direct. Creative. Fastidious.

TCBJ: How would you define yourself?

Kamilah: I would define myself as someone who craves learning and experiencing new things and simply wants the best for herself and those she cares about.


Photo Credit: MAK Stills Photography

TCBJ: What is one thing that most people would be surprised to know about you?

Kamilah: It probably depends on who you talk to. But for some, perhaps that I am quite the nerd and love tech, cars, and video games.

TCBJ: Where does your personal inspiration come from?

Kamilah: My personal inspiration comes from my surroundings, most notably when I am outdoors. I tend to notice certain color combinations or patterns in nature or on a piece of architecture, or someone’s clothing for instance. The ideas that stem from this will often end up in my designs. I also, of course, take inspiration from other creators and use that to think of different ways I can incorporate a particular style I like into my own creations.

TCBJ: How do you define your personal style? 











Kamilah: Clothing wise - simple chic/pattern lover. In addition to being classy and stylish, my clothes NEED to be comfortable and hassle-free. Typically, I rely on my shoes and accessories (jewelry and/or bags) to really accentuate whatever it is I’m wearing. I’m also obsessed with bright colors and patterning and love to mix and match. Jewelry wise – loud and bold!


TCBJ: How did you get into your designing jewelry?

Kamilah: I was going through a bit of a rough patch and decided that I needed a fun hobby to alleviate some of the stress that came from that. Fast-forward some years after that initial assessment and here we are!

Photo Credit: MAK Stills Photography

TCBJ: Which people do you admire, or who inspires you? 

Kamilah: Normally, I’d say I inspire myself. My own personal goals and desires for what I want out of this life are my main motivators. Simply based off of the things I know I want to accomplish and achieve. That’s what pushes me forward. But more and more recently, I find myself also inspired by the many strong, proactive black women who have been unapologetic in the way they’ve taken charge. I am also very much inspired by the stories (happy, sad, good, bad, whatever) of others – especially when I can relate.

Michelle Obama, naturally is on this list, so is Maya Angelou, actress Jennifer Lewis, and others, as well as my many fellow black female entrepreneurs.

TCBJ: How would you describe your jewelry design aesthetic or design process?

Kamilah: My design process is very “on a whim.” There are times when I sketch out my designs – usually when I don’t want to forget something - but for the most part, many of the pieces I make are created without much prior planning. Many times, I change my mind about a design midway through the production process as new ideas come to me and more often than not, even the pieces I do plan don’t turn out quite the way I intended. My process is pretty spontaneous, which many times isn’t exactly intentional but I enjoy it and for me, it’s what works.

Photo Credit: MAK Stills Photography

TCBJ: Imagine that you were featured on the cover of an international magazine in the year 2020, what would the title of your feature article say or be about?

Kamilah: The article would definitely be about the inspiration behind my jewelry and how I paved my way despite serious personal doubts and often times feeling very discouraged and frustrated. I feel this is a part of entrepreneurship people rarely talk about – the personal struggles. This would need to be highlighted in any such article about me. We tend to focus on, much of the time, the result. By this, I mean the pretty depictions of success, especially on social media. We tend to focus on societal constructs of the “the grind” and what that looks like, and what true success looks like. But that’s not going to be the same for everyone or mean the same thing to everyone and often times, the behind – the – scenes is an all-around struggle. Honestly, sometimes, it’s straight up trash. Lol.

TCBJ: What new ventures/events/plans have you participated in or are you looking forward to for the rest of this year?

Kamilah: The rest of the year is likely going to be pretty quiet for me, event wise. I spent the summer doing a number of different pop-ups and shows, including the annual Essence Street Style event, which I thoroughly enjoyed. To finish out the year I’m primarily focusing on a bit of rebranding as well as working on ways of getting Rock Paper Chic more exposure.

TCBJ: What is your favorite quote or what is a statement/mantra you try to live by?

Kamilah: "Everything happens for a reason." Pretty cliché yes, but in my own experience, I have found that not a single thing that has happened to me happened without purpose. The good and the bad.


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