Meet The Designer of zena.dyete

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Meet The Designer of zena.dyete

Ivana is a free-spirited artist from and currently living in Zagreb, Croatia. She is a creator of "Art Jewelry" and her designs are inspired music that is woven into all the aspects of everything she does. She loves to create fluid designs, soft edges, easy transitions, and lines within her pieces. Read our interview with Ivana below to find out more...

TCBJ: Describe yourself using 4 words.

Ivana: Quirky, Impatient, Stubborn, Unapologetic.

TCBJ: What is one thing that most people would be surprised to know about you?

Ivana: I’m a Molecular Biologist and a big geek.

TCBJ: How would you define yourself?

Ivana: I would define myself very fluently. I seem to be everything, and then again nothing. As a river taking shape of wherever it ends up in, I flow from situation to situation, form myself according to the circumstances, learn a thing or two about myself in context with others, and then leave unbothered.


TCBJ: How do you define your personal style?

Ivana: Well, I’d define It as highly personal. I’m not very serious about my style. When I feel like dressing up, I do. When I’m in a hurry or just don’t feel like It, I have no problem whatsoever going out looking like a mess. I adore thrift shops. In this world of Infinite choices, there’s something really appealing In finding the right size, color and cut of a piece of clothing that you can’t exchange for another size or color. I actually think that reduction of choice clears the mind and lets me make easier choices.

TCBJ: What are you Inspired by, or what motivates you?

Ivana: Simply put, creation motivates me. Creating from nothing, from next to nothing, from underdog status. From never-going-to-happen situations. Rising above all the disadvantages is my biggest challenge.

TCBJ: Where does your personal Inspiration come from?

Ivana: First and foremost, music. Whatever I do, music is woven into all the pores of all the things I do. I love fluid design, soft edges, easy transitions and lines. Think of Mediterranean Iron cast fences from the 19th century. Think of waves near a boat.

TCBJ: How would you describe your jewelry design aesthetic or design process?

Ivana: The process is its own reward. Even if no one buys that particular design, If I loved the process, I am going to keep believing in it and keep pushing It.


TCBJ: How did you get Into your designing jewelry?

Ivana: I just made a doodle piece and hung It around my neck. 2 hours later everyone at the function started asking me where I got It, and why I don’t sell It. Right then I finally knew how I’m going to channel this big massive mountain of creative energy I had.

TCBJ: Imagine that you were featured on the cover of an International magazine In the year 2020, what would the title of your feature article say or be about?

Ivana: zena.dyete, Designer, Artist, Unapologetic lover - Meet the woman who created one of the most astounding pieces on the (event name) Red Carpet, and the celebrities who are hungry for more.

TCBJ: Where do you see yourself and/or your career In the next 5 years?

Ivana: In design of some sorts. Still unsure which medium.

TCBJ: What Is your favorite quote or what Is a statement/mantra you try to live by?

Ivana: "In the house of lovers, the music never stops, the walls are made of songs, and the floor dances." – Rumi  


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