Monthly Earring Subscription

Join this new earring club if you want to receive a new pair of unique and creative earrings each month for a year!

There are 2 different payment options for joining the earring club:

- $5 Monthly for a year. Purchase now for $60 ($5 x 12 months =$60)  no further monthly charges. 

- $10 Monthly for a year. Purchase now for $10, and then you will be charged $10 monthly for the year for a total of $120 ($10 x 12 months = $120). 

**Earrings will be shipped monthly, and first shipments will be sent the following month after your order.**

Initial Order Cutoff Date is the 25th of each month, earrings will then start to be shipped out each following month thereafter!!

For example: Order by November 25th for your 1st shipment to arrive in December, or Order by December  25th for your 1st shipment to arrive in January, etc.