Featured TCB Jewelry Designers

These are the talented designers behind the unique and creative jewelry brands in the TCB Jewelry Designer Boutique. Find out more about them on the TCB Style Blog.


Ivana is a Molecular Biologist from and currently living in Zagreb, Croatia. She is a creator of "Art Jewelry", her designs are inspired music that is woven into all the aspects of everything she does. She loves to create fluid designs, soft edges, easy transitions, and lines within her pieces. Read more on the TCB Style blog.


Tanika is a United States military spouse and self-taught handmade jewelry designer, originally from Northern Virginia and currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas. Her jewelry design process is based on being inspired by a certain place or thing and looking through a variety of materials, which then becomes the base for creative ideas that she turns into a new jewelry style. Read more on the TCB Style blog.



Aida is a self-taught macrame jewelry designer born and based in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is inspired by nature in every way and even uses natural thread to make her jewelry, and bases most of her designs on different aspects of nature. Designs inspired by leaves, flowers, animals, bugs, are very common in many of her jewelry pieces. Read more on the TCB Style blog.



French twin sisters Chloé and Pauline started creating jewelry in college to make extra money, and soon their passion for jewelry-making flourished and became something they still wanted to do. Their jewelry is handmade resin creations that are inspired by colorful themes, their personalities, and optimism. They love to travel and are enthusiastic about trying new things and having new experiences. Read more on the TCB Style blog.


Kamilah is a Brooklyn, NY native who is obsessed with bright colors and patterns in her personal style and for her jewelry designs. Her creative inspiration comes to her mostly from being outdoors, that is often where she will notice certain color combinations or patterns in nature or on a piece of architecture, or what someone is wearing. Read more on the TCB Style Blog.



Lia resides and creates in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. She is a mixture of classy, elegant and tomboy with an easygoing, open-minded creative personality. Personally inspired by legends such as Michale Jackson and Madonna, Lia describes her design aesthetic to be a "Digital hipster's contemporary approach to classy jewelry." Read more on the TCB Style Blog.



Dominique is a creative, emotional, authentic, unique, Connecticut native who is inspired by the lessons of life. She designs for the playful cool-girl, crafting designs influenced by a personal musical soundtrack that tells the stories she wants to convey through her work. Read more on the TCB Style Blog.