Welcome to TCB Jewelry Boutique

Hey, Cuties!!! Thank you for choosing to visit my new boutique TCB Jewelry. Allow me to briefly introduce myself...


1. I’m Tenelle, CEO & Creative Director of Too Cute for Boring Jewelry (TCB Jewelry).
2. I have a background in fashion design and fashion marketing, as well as small business consulting.
3. My love for jewelry started at a young age and was inspired by my auntie who told me you were never fully dressed without jewelry or accessories. I love how jewelry and accessories can totally level up your look from just wearing an outfit to looking like you made effort to add the final details.


Do you love jewelry & accessories as much as I do? If so, I would love for you to head to the tcbjewelryshop.com Home Page, and sign up to join my jewelry and style lovin’ tribe!!


About TCB Jewelry Boutique:

"Too Cute for Boring Jewelry is an online collaborative boutique. We house diverse, unique, trendsetting, creative, handmade and curated accessories. We work with talented independent jewelry designers around the world to bring our customers the best products because you're too cute to wear boring jewelry!"