Floral Cutouts - Colors 2

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“Bloom Like a Flower; Unfold Your Own Beauty.” - Debasish Mridha

These cute cutout-designed flowers only become special when they are worn. Wear these earrings whenever you need a reminder that your beauty is unique to you!


These handmade floral earrings are made custom to order with choices of 4 various sizes, 15 different color options, and 4 types of earring closure finish options.

Materials: Acrylic and Wood

Size Options and Dimensions: XLarge, Large, Medium, Small 

XLarge - Width: 3 ⅛” x Length: 3”

Large - Width: 2 ⅜” x Length: 2 ¼” 

Medium - Width: 1 ½” x Length: 1 ½”

Small - Width: 1” x Length: 1”


Color Options: Clear, Iridescent, White, Wooden, Black, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Teal, Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Pink, Red


Earring Closure Options: (See additional images)

  1. Standard dangling earring hook
  2. Standard stud post with back
  3. Clip-on Converter dangling hook
  4. Clip-on Converter flat back