Macrame Cavandoli Necklace & Bracelet Set

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Unique macrame jewelry! Original natural handmade knot jewelry with ethnic inspiration. Made using the strongest waxed thread, making it waterproof, durable and less likely to deform while handling with it.

The technique of making is macrame and cavandoli.
The necklace can be worn on the beach as a decoration on the feet (Macrame Anklet Bracelet)

This set matches every summer dress combination/multicolored set
Necklace is adjustable, it can be both long and short. Unique macrame necklace and bracelet bohemian and hippie style.

Original natural handmade knot jewelry. Jewelry for bohemian and hippie girls.
Looking for an affordable etchno-design collar to add some spice to your suit? This macrame set can be a real piece of jewelry for you.