Broken Hearts - Colors 1

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“Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?” - Tina Turner

These unique splice-designed heart earrings were broken for fashion, and not for love. This earring style is one of my favorite first designs in my new collection and I can’t wait for you to wear them and get ready to feel the “love” from all the compliments that you will receive!!


These cute handmade earrings are made custom to order with choices of 4 various sizes, 15 different color options, and 4 types of earring closure finish options.

Materials: Acrylic and Wood

Size Options and Dimensions: XLarge, Large, Medium, Small 

XLarge - Width: 3” x Length: 3”

Large - Width: 2 ⅛” x Length: 2 ⅛” 

Medium - Width: 1 ⅜” x Length: 1 ⅜”

Small - Width: 1” x Length: 1”


Color Options: Clear, Iridescent, White, Wooden, Black, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Teal, Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Pink, Red


Earring Closure Options: (See additional images)

  1. Standard dangling earring hook
  2. Standard stud post with back
  3. Clip-on Converter dangling hook
  4. Clip-on Converter flat back