Pink Small Geometric Spaces

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“Find the beauty in negative spaces.” 

These unique "negative space” geometric earrings may have holes, but they’re not missing out on being fun and fashionable. Get ready for all the compliments that you will receive!!

These small cute handmade earrings are made custom to order with choices of 15 different color options and 4 types of earring closure finish options.

Materials: Acrylic and Wood        Available size: Small = 5/8" shape

Color Options: Clear, Iridescent, White, Wooden, Black, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Teal, Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Pink, Red

Earring Closure Options: (See additional images)

  1. Standard dangling earring hook
  2. Standard stud post with back
  3. Clip-on Converter dangling hook
  4. Clip-on Converter flat back