Spring 2024 Fashion Trends, and how to wear them!

Spring 2024 Fashion Trends, and how to wear them!

I'm never going to be one to say that you must follow fashion trends, but if you're the type of person who likes to have help with figuring out what to wear for each season, it doesn't hurt to know what most stores are going to have available. Keep in mind that no matter the trend, it's the way you wear it that will help you to create your style!


According to several expert fashion magazine editors who watched all of the runway shows around the globe, these are the top trends for Spring 2024 fashion:

  • Bows - Large and Small
  • Sheer layered clothing
  • Openwork (knit-open weave) details
  • Unique trench coats
  • Short shorts
  • Pastel color-blocking
  • Tailored white dresses
  • Clothes in Icy Blue color
  • Rose details/ Rose floral prints
  • Ornate/embellished pencil skirts
So how does the average person wear these trends during their daily lives and in an affordable way?
As with most times when I'm searching for affordable finds, I turn to my favorite store... Target! Here are a few looks that I found that you add affordably to your wardrobe and can start wearing today!

Check your local Target to see if they have these styles available.

So what trends are you going to try to incorporate into your wardrobe for this spring season? Leave a comment below!

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