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Dominique is a creative, emotional, authentic, unique, Connecticut native who is inspired by the lessons of life. She designs for the playful cool-girl, crafting designs influenced by a personal musical soundtrack that tells the stories she wants to convey through her work. Read on to find out more about Dominique personally and as a designer...   TCBJ: Where did you grow up? Where do you live now? Dominique: I was born and raised in Connecticut and still reside there, but have plans to relocate before the end of this year. TCBJ: Describe yourself using 4 words. Dominique: Creative, Emotional, Authentic, Unique TCBJ: What...

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I will be styling a jewelry item from each of the TCB Jewelry Collective Designer Collections each Wednesday. This first style series includes jewelry items styled with the perfect summer staple... the Maxi Dress. Don't you love maxi dresses? So do I! Make sure to check out each set and click each image to be able to shop the featured jewelry. Comment below with your favorite looks!   Look 1 - HONEY BEA HIVE   Look 2 - ZENA.DYETE   Look 3 - MAGIC KNOT   Look 4 - DANS L'AIR DU TEMPS   Look 5 - ROCK PAPER CHIC...

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