Top 5 Benefits of wearing jewelry and accessories

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Top 5 Benefits of wearing jewelry and accessories

As a jewelry and accessories lover, I can't find any reason not to wear them. However, just in case you still aren't sold on the benefits of wearing jewelry and accessories, I've created a short list of my top 5 reasons it's always a good choice.

  1. Highlights certain features - Wearing jewelry and accessories can bring attention to certain body parts such as your neck, face, hands. For example, if you want to highlight your face more than your chest, wear smaller necklace pieces and larger earrings. Or vice versa, if you want to highlight your chest wear larger statement necklace pieces and smaller earrings.
  2. Showcases your personality - Whether you wear statement pieces to or small pieces, your jewelry can tell a lot about you on the first impression. Many times the jewelry you wear gives people you meet or encounter a brief summary of your typical fashion style and the first impression of your personality. For example, someone who wears bright bold colors often is seen as having a bright and colorful personality, while someone who wears smaller pieces is often seen as having a minimalist personality. So make sure your jewelry matches your true personality! 
  3. Adds a pop of colorEven if you often wear solid colors in your staple looks, you can create more interest in your #ootd by using pops of color with jewelry and accessories. For example, if your wardrobe consists of a lot of all black ensembles, wear brighter jewel tone pieces or even just a contrast color like red. By adding a pop of color it not only helps you when thinking what pieces to wear when getting dressed, but it also will brighten your normally dark looks.  
  4. Upgrades any grocery store run style - Have you ever gone running a few errands and ran into every and everyone you would have rather avoided in your comfy stay at home clothes? I believe it has happened to all of us, we've left the house with no intention of really caring how we look because we're just running somewhere really quick. However, there is an easy fix to looking like we just rolled out of bed and the fix is accessories. Sometimes just adding some simple earrings, a basic necklace, and cute flats or sneakers can upgrade your look from a just-rolled-out-the bed look to comfy-casual-chic!
  5. Earrings will always fit - This might not exactly be a benefit of wearing jewelry, but just a benefit of earrings in general. Your earrings will never let you down when it comes to sizing, for the most part, all other jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets can become too tight or too loose depending on if you gain or lose weight in certain areas of your body. So, if nothing else always invest in earrings over most other jewelry pieces!


What other benefits can you think of?

Leave me a comment on your thoughts about this Top 5 list!


  • Luke Smith

    It was a great insight when you said that wearing jewelry is a way for you to showcase your fashion style and personality. My wife’s birthday is coming up, and I’m planning to give her something luxurious. She deserves it because she is working too hard, and she doesn’t reward herself more often. I’ll make sure to find a beautiful wire wrapped jewelry in town, and give her a birthday celebration she would never forget.

  • Eve Mitchell

    I loved what you said about jewelry showcasing your personality. I am thinking about getting some new custom necklaces. My current ones are getting a little old.

  • Lloyd Bronson

    I appreciate you mentioning that jewelry provides a way to showcase one’s personality! My wife wants some accessories to make her stand out at a party. I’ll be sure to relay your article to her!

  • Zoe Campos

    It’s interesting to know that a person will be able to give off a good first impression based on the jewelry that they wear. I’ll be meeting my boyfriend’s parents next Saturday and although I’ve chosen my dress already, I haven’t settled on my accessories yet. Maybe I should invest in some vintage jewelry that will give off a good idea about my taste and personality as a person.
  • Taylor Hansen

    It’s interesting that jewelry can help with first impressions of your personality. My sister is trying to find more necklaces that she can wear to her husband’s fancy work party next weekend. I’ll have to share this with her so she can get a good feeling about the style she wants to go for when the time comes.

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